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Chemical Database for chemists and non-chemists

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This is a database of chemicals that is or has been used in the industry for their function but that also are hazardous in some way.

In contrast to most other chemical database it does not demand of the user to know the exact substances names or CAS registry numbers. The substances are sorted by the function they add to a product, which materials they can be used in, which processes they are used in etc. and can be search for this way. The information is based on observations made in literature and in the industry among the users of chemicals.

The database contains information about test methods, alternatives, legal restrictions, restrictions in voluntary committments such as Oeko tex std 100, TCO std etc. and also information related to the new chemicals legislation REACH, e.g. which substances that are pre-registered, on the candidate list and much more.

For information about access to the database, please contact:

Sandra Roos, sandra.roos@swerea.se, 031-706 6117

Elisabeth Olsson, elisabeth.olsson@swerea.se, 031-706 6197

Stefan Posner, stefan.posner@swerea.se, 031-706 6307

Textile database

Contains hazardous chemicals used in the textile industry

EEE database

Contains hazardous chemicals used in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and in the elecectronics industry.

The chemicals database for non chemists has been developed for the Chemicals group (Kemikaliegruppen) at Swerea IVF.
The Chemicals group was originally a formation of companies in the textile industry and has expand to cover also chemicals used in the electronics industry.